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Which is better bag or bagless?

Originally all vacuums were bagless. Then paper bags were introduced to dramatically cut down the dust! The two main reasons people ask about bagless is, they want to save money on bags or they want less dust. Bagless vacuums need a HEPA filter to stop the dirt. These filters are very effective. They also need to be changed at least once a year (more often if you have small children or pets) and, they aren't cheap, $29-$59 each. It is impossible to spend as much on bags. Less dust? Do you have trash cans at home? Do you use trash can liners? Why? Because it's far more sanitary when you throw out the liner instead of dumping the can with all the dust being thrown into the air. Almost all bags we sell are micron filtration bags, to keep the air dust-free and the insideof your vacuum clean. This helps keep odors down, especially pet odors. Written by -Claude Whitacre